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I’m sure many of you have heard a quote from one of Robert Burns poems, “To a Mouse” which, translated to easily understood language, goes like this:

The best laid schemes of mice and men / Often go awry.

Which is close to John Lennon’s “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

As you can see, I’ve been thinking a lot about plans and their usefulness as I prepare for my move in early January.


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Prisoner Letter

Finding Light
by CR

What comes to mind when you think of prison?  I’m sure it’s an assortment of labels describing those confined there.  The adjectives range from drug dealers, rapists, murderers to undesirables and what not.  It’s the home of every type of criminal element you can imagine; waiting to re-enter society once the powers-that-be determine a person has served their punishment and has been rehabilitated.  then there’s the portion who have been sentenced to death or to  life imprisonment.  How much hope can one hold onto with these sentences?


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From The Outside

A Bigger World

by Tom Brown

I am inspired to look outside my small world and see a bigger one. If my life were like a crowded garage where I kept bumping into the furniture and judging myself, now it’s as if I’ve moved into an airplane hanger with the door left open. Much of the old “stuff” is still there yet it doesn’t limit me. It has been transformed by my acceptance.

May we all reach beyond the narrowness of our conditioning to a much bigger world: the great and real one of sorrow and joy, the world that leaves nothing out and knows that in actual life, the life of liberation, nothing ever can be left out.


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Freedom Inside

Books for Prisoners

“I was in prison and you came to me...”

Being incarcerated is not easy for anyone. Many wait for their time to be over without much thought of changing their life. Others become harder, more embittered.

But some prisoners use this time to learn. Learn about themselves, learn about life, learn how to have the life they would prefer.

Many of us who have experienced the difference books can make in our lives would like to share these very inspiring books with prisoners who are asking for help

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Spiritual Prisoners

Spirit Light Outreach
by Joe Wolfe

Spirit Light Outreach was founded by an ex-prisoner specifically with the intention to deliver spiritual inspiration (free books, etc.,) to prisoners.

Some of the books that are provided include the full
1,300 page original edition of A Course in Miracles. This wonderful message has changed the lives of thousands and thousands of people throughout the world.

Other books we offer are the works of Dr. David R. Hawkins, Gary Renard, Marrianne Williamson, Jon Mundy, Byron Katie and others as well as my own.

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