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Janine's Article

From Within

We create our own reality.

We are powerful beings.

Everything around us reflects  who we are.

I’ve been hearing....and saying... these statements, and more,  for years.

And I’m finding myself at a place in my life when I wonder what they really mean.

I’ve often said, written and I believe that “life is an inside job”.  I see what I look for.  I know this to be true.

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Prisoner Letter

The Odd Desk
by JW

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a desk.  he was an ordinary desk, and he lived in an ordinary building.   One day, he found himself in a large room where there were many other desks of various shapes and sizes.  Now he wasn’t just a desk in a room but the new desk in a new room.

The other desks were used regularly, and they served their purposes well.  The people came and went daily, using all the desks as they wished.  The people were quite happy doing their jobs, studying their books, and writing their papers, and the desks were quite happy to be useful to them.

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From The Outside

Healing Our Hurt

by Tom Brown

The news today is filled with accounts of terror and violence. Nothing gets our attention quite like loss and tragedy. Hurt stretches us, pushes us to grow, to develop new levels of ourselves. We have many lessons to learn in life, and each one is generally punctuated with an experience of pain.

What we find, however, as we look deeper within, is that our rage, our fears do not stay forever. Rage turns into sorrow, sorrow turns into tears, tears that may fall for a long time, but then the sun comes out. The armoring around our pain gradually softens, and in the midst of our grieving the pain finally finds release. It is at this point that we discover that our hearts can grow strong in the broken places.


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Freedom Inside

Books for Prisoners

“I was in prison and you came to me...”

Being incarcerated is not easy for anyone. Many wait for their time to be over without much thought of changing their life. Others become harder, more embittered.

But some prisoners use this time to learn. Learn about themselves, learn about life, learn how to have the life they would prefer.

Many of us who have experienced the difference books can make in our lives would like to share these very inspiring books with prisoners who are asking for help

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Spiritual Prisoners

Spirit Light Outreach
by Joe Wolfe

Spirit Light Outreach was founded by an ex-prisoner specifically with the intention to deliver spiritual inspiration (free books, etc.,) to prisoners.

Some of the books that are provided include the full
1,300 page original edition of A Course in Miracles. This wonderful message has changed the lives of thousands and thousands of people throughout the world.

Other books we offer are the works of Dr. David R. Hawkins, Gary Renard, Marrianne Williamson, Jon Mundy, Byron Katie and others as well as my own.

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