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Freedom Inside's Mission

It is my belief that we come to this life to connect with one another. One of the most beautiful and meaningful connections I’ve ever made was with prisoners. I recognized people whom, on the face of it, I have nothing in common with; people who have lived lives so very different from mine; people who make so very different choices. I looked into their eyes and I saw myself; I saw my Self.

And I knew, without a doubt, without a question or hesitation that We Really Are All One.
It is one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received.

Freedom Inside is a newsletter with the mission to continue and extend this connection, this gift. Its purpose is to shine a light in very dark places. It is based on the CwG material and is written for and by prisoners. It is a medium through which people can exchange stories, comments, questions and answers about how to apply the new spirituality to their everyday lives whether in or out of prison.

It is sent free of charge every other month to any prisoner interested in receiving it.

Please join us in our connection. With love and peace, Janine Cantin

About Janine

Born in Quebec, Canada, I lived in Verdun for the first 21 years of my life. I then married and lived alternately in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

One of my jobs in the United States was to teach English as a Second Language to adults. This was my entry into the incarcerated world, where I found that, contrary to my expectations, I could identify with all the prisoners.

My father passed away in 1991 and seeing him in his casket started me asking questions about what happens after death. I knew that what my father really was, the energy, the personality, everything that made him what I knew of him, was not in that casket. It had left. Where was my father? Where had he gone?

I searched for years and finally found all the answers to my questions when I first read Conversations with God, book 1. That started me making different choices in my life. I became more conscious of the choices I was making. I also chose who I wanted to be in this life.

One of my choices was to share this new knowledge with prisoners. I knew We Are All One. I could feel it even with people who, if I only looked at them superficially, I had nothing in common with,. But when I really looked at them, looked in their eyes and opened myself up to them, I saw them. And I saw myself. I saw my Self.

So I decided to expand what I did with them. I stopped teaching English as a Second Language and started volunteering to facilitate a Cognitive Intervention class where people worked on how to re-think their lives; learned that thoughts control actions; that we can choose to think differently.

Each of these classes lasted 8 weeks. This frustrated me since I felt that we had to end the class just when many people were just starting to “get” it. So I decided to keep in contact with those who were interested by starting a newsletter, based on the same principles found in the Conversations with God books—the same principles I used in the Cognitive Intervention program. I called this newsletter, Freedom Inside.

The Conversations with God Foundation has helped me expand my mailing list by sending me the names of all prisoners who write to them. I now send the newsletter to over 600 people from all over the world.

I would very much like to add more and more prisoners to my growing list. I believe that being in prison can be an excellent opportunity to re-think a life, to choose again. Many prisoners do so. My intent is to give each and every one of them a medium through which they can share questions and answers about the new life opening up for them.

In peace,
Janine Cantin