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Welcome To Our Audio Page

Freedom Inside is happy to announce that we are producing a series of podcasts hosted by the founder of Freedom Inside, Janine Cantin. Join Janine as she discusses a variety of topics that are commonly found in the written and online version of the Freedom Inside Newsletter.

During some of these podcasts, your questions and comments may be addressed as they come in; please email those to:

On the right side of this page you will find the menu items for the audios we offer. You will see a meditation by Christine that you are invited to try at least once. She is a hypnotherapist and has a true talent for this work. You will surely enjoy these few minutes spent with her.  Our good friend from Spirit Light Outreach, Joe Wolfe is also sharing a beautiful prayer with us.  Don't miss it!

The other titles are podcasts that address certain topics that seem very important to address if we are to BE who we really are, create a better life, and build ourselves a new world. Please listen to any and all podcasts that interest you and, if you wish to comment, use the Submit an Article page in this website or send an email to the address above.

Let's creating a New World by ReCreating Ourselves.

Freedom Inside Podcasts