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On Resistance


This podcast is from Bill who describes himself as coming “from a smart, but not wise family." Mother and father each had a 10th degree black belt in control, very surprised they didn't kill each other. I never knew a day without fear until I was eighteen, and went into the army; that was a breeze by comparison. After that, although I worked very hard to make up for my lack of formal education, I resisted most things both from my past and in my present. At age forty-eight I started to get my head together which prepared me for CwG, which I read in 2000. Now that philosophy is my way of life, and my creative juices are flowing.  My Life Coaching has taken me to about eight countries. After I answer a few questions, it seems that we always get around to the real problem, that is, many things in people’s youth that were never explained or resolved, hence…perpetual resistance.”

In this podcast, Bill shares his wisdom about “how to put something down, and get on with […] life, because, after all what ever you resist you become a part of, and you’re not free to move on.”


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