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Conversations with God

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Being incarcerated is not easy for anyone. Many wait for their time to be over without much thought of changing their life. Others become harder, more embittered.

But some prisoners use this time to learn. Learn about themselves, learn about life, learn how to have the life they would prefer.

Many of us have experienced the difference teh CwG books have made in our lives.

Many of us would like to share this message with prisoners who are asking for help.

The Conversations with God Foundation is dedicated to bringing the CwG books to interested prisoners.

You can help us to this most important work by either sending new or used books directly to

Conversations with God/ Prison Outreach
PO Box 507
Ashland, OR 97520

Or by making a tax deductible donation at the above address or by clicking here:

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Books for Prisoners

Latest Issue: 92