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Ending Where It Began

by Tom Brown
Posted on June 16, 2015

Recently I was reading about the migrations of the Blue Humpback whales. The aspect of their odyssey that really amazes me is that they return to exactly the same spot every year….through 5,000 miles of deep blue sea to the precise pinpoint of a breeding zone. What a navigation system!

Here’s something even more astounding…it’s not just the same species that return to the same place, but exactly the same whales. How wonderful the intelligence that guides them!

The same wisdom is available to guide us. If we’re open to listening, we’ll hear the direction in which we need to go to find and express our good. It’s the voice within the heart. The voice doesn’t speak of judgment, attack, or fear, but with the clearest and most compassionate understanding. This inner counselor offers us the gentlest yet most powerful wisdom.

Emerson said, “We may search the entire world for happiness, but unless we carry it within us, we will find it not”. Like the fabled musk deer who roam the mountains and valleys to find the source of an enchanting fragrance, only to discover that the aroma is emanating from itself, we carry the answers within us.

The journey ends where it began.

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