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Welcome to Freedom Inside–Out.  This program is particularly relevant for those who have recently been released from prison, for those who have a family member or a friend in prison, or for any of you who feel stuck in old ways of thinking, who feel in a prison of your own.

I invite you to join us on Facebook and help shape Freedom Inside-Out. Let us create a place where people who choose to fully experience their freedom can meet and share questions, problems, solutions, experiences, opinions, and more.  Let us build for ourselves, through this social network, a new world, one where we show up at our very best to share our journey to Freedom Inside.

For Instructions On How To Join Us On The Freedom Inside-Out Facebook Page, Play The Audio Below Or Read The Instructions In The Right Column »

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How It Works and How To Participate

Freedom Inside-Out operates using Facebook as the primary means to conduct the program. What it becomes and how it develops will depend entirely on you and all those who choose to participate.

How It Works:  To join the program, begin by clicking the "LIKE" button directly below.  This automatically makes you "a friend" of the Freedom Inside-Out Program on Facebook.

How To Begin:  Once you've clicked the "Like button," simply click this button to enter the discussions of your choosing.

Note: you must be logged into your own Facebook account to post replies.  If you do not have a Facebook account, we encourage you to open one, otherwise you will not be able to participate in the discussions.  Opening a Facebook account is easy, and it only takes a few minutes.

How To Participate:  On the "Discussions Page" of our Facebook account, you will find a list of topics that link to corresponding discussions.  Simply click on the ones that resonate with you and join in.  We invite you to suggest topics for discussion and submit any ideas that you feel would improve or even expand the program in an appropriate way.  If you're ready to begin now, click this button:

: If you like a good discussion, you'll love the Audio Page and the podcasts presented here.

Submit Questions To Be Answered On Air: If you have a question for any of the presenters you hear in the podcasts, please email them here:  and they will be answered on air in an ensuing podcast.