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Heart Openings

by Tom Brown
Posted on January 30, 2016

It is our true nature to have an open heart, as much as it is the true nature of a flower to open up in the sunlight. An open heart can deliver us and heal us in ways our minds can scarcely imagine.

When the mind sinks into the heart, and vice versa, there is healing. And when we heal on this deeper, more enduring level, we will radically impact the heart of the world. It’s time to seek and enjoy that sense of union, to fall in love once again with the soulfulness of one another.

There is a preciousness about life that we’ve lost and desperately need to recapture. We cannot spend hours living in our brains, tied to technology, deadlines, and schedules and ignore our heart’s cry to reconnect to flesh, bone, soil, grass, and the joy of loving one another and the earth.

No matter how sophisticated or technological we become, this truth never changes. No matter how old or wise we become, we never lose our deep, basic need to connect with the soulfulness of one another’s heart.

It’s time we shower life with unconditional love and grace. It’s time to plead the case for compassion. We’ve done our head work, now let’s address our heart work.

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