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Issue 91

Lately, I’ve been remembering something I read from Abraham-Hicks.  It’s an image that I have thought about from time to time but that now seems to always be at the forefront of my mind.  It goes like this:

A major metaphor that Abraham uses is a fast flowing river that represents the flow of the universe or source. We are all floating on this stream, but the majority of people are fighting against the current. They do not like what is occurring in their lives so they swim upstream instead of simply floating down it. Most of humanity is obsessed with getting upstream. The problem with going against the current is that you will be tired out and beaten up by the fast flowing water. Not going with the flow is at the heart of every negative emotion you feel. When one stops fighting the current and lets the force turn them around and push them downstream, they will feel relief.

Anytime you speak of what you do not want, what hurts you, what you are unhappy with, you are attempting to go upstream. You are stifling your ability to simply float down river towards the manifestation of your desires. In the same way that focusing on what you want brings it to you, focusing on what you do not want also brings undesired things to you. The Law of Attraction works in both directions very well. We have been trained all of our lives to acknowledge what is wrong which is why it is so difficult to let go and float down stream.”

Abraham-Hick notes that most of what is applauded in our society comes from overcoming obstacles, comes from strength and determination.  “Going with the flow” is thought to be lazy (if not completely un-American!!!)

But Byron Katie says that when you fight against life you will lose 100% of the time.

So why would I want to do that?  Maybe because I believe I know what would make me happier, what would make my life better.  But my life is wonderful and I could not ever have imagined the twists and turns it took that brought me where I am today.

There were some painful episodes in my life just as there are in everyone’s.  I feel that I have grown stronger and more deeply rooted in who I really am from going through it all.  I would change none of it, much to my surprise as some were things I never would have chosen for myself or my loved ones.

So stuff happens, good and bad.  We have ups and downs all the time.  Wins and losses.  I was thinking about that when watching the Olympics.  We all wanted our favorites to win.  But would we still be interested in watching any sport at all if our team always and easily won?  How long before we chose to do something more exciting with our time then watching those games?

I believe we feel the same way about our lives.  Drama makes them interesting, keeps us engaged.  As Marianne Williamson says: if eight good things happen during our day and one bad thing happens, what do we talk about that night?

So given all that, how do I let go and allow my boat to go down river on its own?

I believe it’s all about what Eckart Tolle describes in his book “The Power of Now”  It’s about living the moment to its fullest, not allowing either the past or the future to hold our attention.  Our peace, our best, comes in the Now.  Resenting the past (or taking from it lessons of distrust and unhappiness,) or looking to the future with dread, (thinking we must control things so that bad things don’t happen to us) is no way to live in peace.

Almost everything I read these days deals with this issue of non-resistance of what is.  One of the wonderful books I’ve read is called, “Whatever Arises Love that” by Matt Kahn.  How about that for a title?

I know it’s not a coincidence that I see this message everywhere.  I haven’t believed in coincidences for years, now.  I know things happen for a reason in my life and that reason is always for my best. My job is to relax and enjoy the moment.

Okay, so sometimes it’s not so easy to relax when the situation is not to our liking.  For me, right now, everything is about waiting.....and I’m not very good at that.

I have decided to move to Arizona again.  This will happen in January 2017.  As with any move, there is much to do but four months is way more time than I need to get everything done.  So I wait.

But I can give the waiting time meaning and purpose if I so choose.  And I do choose!

What purpose could there be?  One thing I know for sure, is that there are a lot of moments between now and January, moments I can choose to enjoy, to imbue with as much love as I can.

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And as I am deciding to do this, I realize that it really doesn’t matter where I am if I find a way to love what is....no matter what arises....thank you Matt Kahn!

I am hoping to be able to continue the Prison Outreach Program for the CwG Foundation.  I still need to speak with the Foundation’s directors but I’m hopeful.

As for this newsletter, as always, all depends on funds coming in.  As of now, I believe I will have enough for another issue, possibly in December.  Anything after that is still up in the air but I am hopeful.

With Freedom Inside as with everything else, I intend to enjoy all my moments, whatever comes up.

I am remembering the do-be-have paradigm most of us learned.  It says that first we must do something (like find a partner) in order to be something (like loved) and then we will have something (like happiness).

The problem is that what really works is the reverse, the have-do-be paradigm.  Where first be choose to be a certain way (like happy, for example), then act like a happy person and then we will be surrounded by happy people, one of which may well be a partner.

But at that point, we will not ‘need’ a partner in order to ‘be’ happy.  And that’s great because the Universe always says, “Yes!’ to us so if we say, “I need a partner in order to be happy” the Universe will answer, “Yes, you do need a partner in order to be happy”.  And that’s what we’ll get, more need for a partner and that will be reflected in our life situations.

On the other hand, if we say, “I am happy” and strive to see the good in all situations, the Universe will say, “ Yes, you are happy” and It will bring us more happiness which will be reflected in our happier life situations.

So let’s just be aware of our thoughts and feelings at all time.  Recognize when we are less than peaceful so that we can return to the present moment and let the past and the future go.

One of the greatest advantages of letting go of the oars and allowing our boat to go down river, is that the view is something else, something we would have missed if we had been fighting the current to row up river.

Enjoy the view!