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Passages to Peaks

by Lanny D


Today I danced through the halls I once paced anxiously.  Cautiously.  This time I stopped at a door.  A door I’d passed many  times before.  I stood stiffly with my ear gently pressed against it.  On my side, the silence was deafening.  On the other side of the door I heard music.  Faint.  Sweet  A beautiful melody with lyrics I couldn’t quite understand.  What I would imagine life being loved must sound like.   Why this door?  Why today?

I used to tread carefully around the soft golden glow that spilled out warmly across the dark, creak, wooden floor from beneath the door.  I wrestled with my conscience over whether I should open the door or not.  To embrace what I did not know.  To be free of what I did.  It was at that door that I realized the walls built around the heart only serve to contain fear and keep love at bay.

The truths I felt were swept away in emotional whirlwinds lie just on the other side of the door.  Heart beating quickly, I turned the knob.  Across the threshold was a place of pure bliss.  A place where the forfeiture of glitter and gold amounts to something so alive in us, the bluest of skies pale in comparison.  Before then, I existed grasping at the euphoric flashes of memories I’d labeled happy.  The image of the gifts that lie behind that door was burned deeply into my mind’s eye, leaving my soul light enough to ride the echo of an angel’s laughter as it soars through the heavens.

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