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A Poem from Rye, England
submitted by JB


Early in my incarceration, in a state of great despair and near hopelessness, I looked upon the wall of my first prison cell and found the following hand-written message.  I committed it to memory and during the past 14 years, I have shared it with man people in the hope that it might encourage them the way it has always encouraged me.  It read:

“The following poem was found mounted in a dusty frame, in a dark corner of St. Mary’s Church in Rye, England.  The author is unknown.

Upon the wreckage of thy yesterday,

Design the structure of tomorrow.

Lay strong cornerstones of purpose--and prepare,

Great blocks of wisdom--cut from past despair.

Shape mighty pillars of resolve--to set,

Deep in the tear-wet mortar of regret.

Work on with patience though thy toil be slow,

Yet day by day , thy edifice shall grow.

Believe in God--in thine own self believe,

And all thou hast desired, thou shalt achieve.”

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