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by MAB


We were taught to do “GOOD”; let’s take away an “O” for a better meaning

The “good” we do is “GOD”, working through us as human beings

The “devil” lurks dressed in disguise, in many forms of stagnation,

Keeping us from reaching the skies, while our being relies

On deception and hard lessons.

Until we stop stressin’; realize that we are blessin’s

Then all-in-one with God we relate, to transcend “reality”

And understand our plans to create

How to alter our fate--to live a better life,

For ourselves, and everyone else that’s in the fight

Gain wealth cause we unite, a unit as one-true God

One race, shining under the sun

God is wondrous fun and we all should get to know Him

I “do”.  I’m the one that He called to write this poem

So through this action, satisfaction is undeniable

Reliable--as God’s word, never maniacal

But calm, like honesty would be

Right here, writing this song, this is where I honestly should be

I could be, in a tomb

Or on the other side of the universe, reborn screaming out of a womb

But I’m here, cause I’m Heaven sent.

If God is superman, then I must be the equivalent of Clark Kent.

Whoa!  That’s quite the compliment, but so are you.

Just know, that God is not a Who”, God is what you DO...


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