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Falling Forward

by RL
South Carolina


Far from the Infinite,

From the moment I drew breath,

I was once an innocent,

Now my eyes only see death.

Woke up to realize,

That my dreams had gone astray.

No justice now only lies,

Keep my darkness locked away.

Is this really me,

This beast beyond control?

My fear collars only key,

Keep the wolf out of the fold.

Is this truly me,

This battered broken soul?

Somewhere is a place I’m free,

With a loving hand to hold.

Nearing the Infinite,

My rebirth almost complete.

true Self now must I present,

Dead soon ego and deceit.

Woke up to realize,

Illusions have passed away.

Truth has freed me from my ties,

Sunset king must greet the day.

Can you really see,

My shining gentle Soul?

Somewhere is inside of me,

There’s a place where I am whole.

Can you see in me,

The Child of Light I am?

Right there inside we’re free,

Our heart home the Summerland.

Being the Infinite,

From the moment We drew Breath.

ever were we separate,

A delusional mind set.

Wake up and realize,

We dreamers have dreamt the Way.

Opened up each others’ eyes,

To behold our Souls at play.

Now we really see,

There’s naught for us to fear,

No clouding of purity,

Angels kiss away our tears.

Finally, I see,

Our dear Creator’s goal.

Every Being that I meet,

Is a balm to heal my Soul.

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