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This was my destiny,

In a land where dreams

Come to die.

In the blind mazes

Of opaque infinity

My silent screams

Echo in earth’s eyes.

Tears induced by fear

Praying a soiled soul they’ll find.

Consciousness no longer a part of me

With death’s name inscribed in my mind.

Sunburns from a shallow grave

Display scarred skeletons of war,

Caustic stings conceal sordid flames--

Hidden beneath hell’s door.

Why are these demons in my closet;

Eavesdropping on my dreams?

Where is God when you need him;

Offering this seraph wings?

Seeking solace in pink roses,

Release my spirit into heaven’s realm

Teach gloom to inveigle freedom--

Coaxing my ghost to take the helm.

Innocence in dissension,

In the fight of my life

Secreted secrets of fantasies

Complexing the plight.

Through the prism of a child’s eye

These chills cannot be soothed,

A frigid mind submerged in lies--

Transcends frozen truths...



The ambrosial of life

Subsumed by time

A redolent of hope

The heart’s silver lining

Hidden soul of harmony

Entangled by a rose

Dissolve my tears on this journey

This path I choose.

Fluttering wings of anguish

Releasing my pain

A compassionate being

Engulfed by flames

Metaphoric in its meaning

A spirit on fire

“I’m loving myself”

A novice desire.

In triple night of darkness

Open the skies

Shine forth with a vision

Opening my eyes

Let the moon be wisdom

Illustrating the signs

Appreciating my blessings

One breath at a time.

As I sit in the center;

Surrounded by lyres

A symphony of Angels

Serenading my ears

to each thirsty wanderer

The Heavens are yours

Keep your faith in oasis

Spring open those doors...

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