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by MAB


It’s hard to say, all that i’m thankful for

i have wasted enough time, I guess I have thanks for more,

because, with the opportunity to show it

I have the chance to be the loving reason--others know it

This importance lies in the homage I owe my teachers

And others who want to know what love is,
and future seekers

I know there’s only goodness, all else? Perceptions

From an illusionary world of sin we learn s “lessons,”

We teach ourselves---stuck--in someone else’s dream;

confusing reality with the fearful world, that is “seen”

Goodness was “lost”, ‘til realizing the impossibility

what I am, was --will be-- ‘cause God
willed it as me.

And you...the same innocence, we have at birth

is the same that we die with, because of our worth...

then being gracious is all that’s left

making the most of time showing it, with all our best

everything thought of in truth is opportunity for you and me

and only supports and increases, true unity.

What I understand as “good” was reaching Greatness;

Now I know it as the consequence of Goodness.

and I’m Gracious

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