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by WPR

Krishna, dress me in a body of light.
Let me dance in heaven to your Soul’s delight.

Krishna,, please wash my sins away.
Please dissolve my karma
And then bless my dharma.

I’ve been waiting for so long.
Krishna, don’t make me wait.
I’m ready now.
I’m standing at the gate.

Krishna, you’re so near
and yet I miss you so much.
I close my eyes
and try to envision your touch.

Krishna, please be my guide.
Lead me like Arjuna
and stand by me side.

Open the doorway to Krishna Consciousness
and allow me to roam.
Clarify my vision
and bring me home

My life is but one long epic
the story of an ego trying to survive.
Yet in Krishna Consciousness
finally, I have arrived.

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