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Make It Happen

by AH


A man that looks into his soul will see the world as it unfolds.

But most often a victim of perilous fear,

For he to himself remains unclear.

And those close to him perceive so little,

Consuming their time with valueless prattle.

What is there to gain when the gain goes unnoticed

to all but those whom the world views with distorted focus?

For, it is surrender, struggle; understanding of pain.

So much to be suffered, so much to be gained.

Is your happiness real with your heart’s coat of steel?

Or so deep is it buried, you no longer feel?

Do you wear the illusion, contented so well,

That you’ve changed all perceived to your own form of hell?

And since you are human you still kindle hope,

That no matter what, there’s someway you can cope.

And this is the test of the lying within; when meaning to fight,

Have no doubt you will win.

No matter the times you may love at your goal.

For those who give up risk abusing their soul.  so try not:

Rather do, and shine till you gleam.

Never to quit from how hard it may seem.

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