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by BA

A mirror is an object
For your reflection to see,
But your mind’s eye
Is what your perception will be.

I’m here to tell you,
Exactly what I see,
You’re an individual,
Who’s a lot like me.

Don’t see yourself as small,
Or of little estate.
Humility won’t make you weak,
But patience will teach you to wait.

Never see yourself as a failure,
Or condemned by your mistakes
Always remember
You were predestined to be someone great.

People will always judge you,
You must love them either way.
Embrace what makes you different
Because you are unique that way.

Every day you get to be you
Is a special day indeed.
Don’t wast time trying to be,
Who you aren’t supposed to be.

Through your life you’ll hear
People saying, “You’re supposed to be like me”
Though it’s plain to see
That’s their insecurities.

When you wake each morning,
Always remember to say,
“thank you Jesus,
For another day to be me.”

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