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by TL
North Carolina

While I lie, with hands entwined
Legs crossed; Mind is vexed, overwhelmed with time
One heartbeat, beating; Soul, unheard
Mentally drained, speak not a word
Body lying; Altar of steel
The shell is crumbling, the wounds don’t heal
Words to paper, thoughts enraged
Body: encompassed; Life? Concrete cage

Where I sit, hands are cuffed
Legs shackled, “being still” is said to be enough
Drumbeat beating; Silent rage so loud
Thoughts and energies: over-shroud, as clouds
As a jar-of-clay becomes: burial mound
Clouds’ darkness, consuming all that was boss
Nothing to practice; all, Universal loss
Contemplating questions? Strife, answers life

Here I stand, legs and hands: bound
Head: level; sight: seeing sounds
Of two beings, warring; Nature’s defeating desire
A pen’s engulfed by flame; a Spirit, ascends the fire
As ashes upon an altar, become scattered like the rains
Drowning in the flood of waters: tears wash away the pain...

Angel?  Demon? Predatory wolf?  Savage man?
Only one, rising to the task
Soul; Phoenix: coalescing; While what binds, remains
in the ash.

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