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Proverbial Profit

by GP

What prophet comes to a man
If in seeing he does not believe?
And in buying his eternal plan,
That, without faith, he cannot receive?

What prophet comes, but in the name of love,
Speaking the language of the heart?
But if your currency is not from above,
You and your Prophet will surely part.

What Prophet comes to men seeking praise,
Surrounded by many, to be adored?
Filled with all their worldly ways,
A Prophet, they surely could not afford.

What Prophet has a man of great wealth,
If he can purchase his every desire?
The world cannot save his failing health,
And cannot pay to put out the fire.

What Prophet does your future hold?
I guess it depends on where your’ve been,
For if you’ve done what you were told,
You’ll not end up with Leviathan.

(If you’ve received a Prophet, keep the change)


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