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What Is It?


It is in the fragrant aroma
Of a dewy rose in the morning
The joy of a moonbeam dancing
Among the stars
It is a gentle breeze
That wafts through the garden
To rustle among the leaves
Of majestic trees
As playful shadows dance below
It is the songbird’s sweet melody
Wafting down from above
It is a meadow bursting forth to bloom
Full of children flitting all about
Like butterflies and bees
It is the essence of thought
Transcending reality
It exists because I AM
My reason
My triumph when I’m done
It is my purpose
Giving reason to my being
Why the secret of my heart
Brings sweet dreams in the night
It embraces me with all the colors
Warmth and beauty of  a summer’s day
Surpassing all that is
It is Love
The most wondrous concept
Ever conceived

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Latest Issue: 92