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Do You Know Who You Are

by TB


Love is the only resource in life that cannot be depleted or damaged in any way.  Whether we call our sustenance and nourishment Love or God does NOT make a bit of difference.  The question should be, “Are we supplying ourselves with things that are important to our ego body or to our spiritual body?”

Believe it or not, there is a BIG difference.  All our lives, we have been trying to prop up our bodies to support the weight of the world.  The body cannot withstand the pressures we try to carry with it throughout the day.  Eventually,  these will be too much to bear and we WILL undergo suffering from actual loss or the fear of it.

We deplete all our energy trying to hold onto things that will inevitably crumble in the hands that cling to them.  Illusions may seem real but they will only prolong our identification with the ego.  We must see through them and protect ourselves by feeding our spiritual bodies with the Love it deserves.

This is not love for the things we tend to think make up who we are.  Anything outside of ourselves we use to try to identify who we are will only take us further away from Truth.

What kind of clothes we wear or what cd’s we have in our music collection has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Love I speak of.  We have been brought up thinking that we love these things because they make up who we are but this is a false image and when those things become threatened in any way, we become threatened and we will feel like we have somehow lost a part of ourselves.

DON’T fall into this trap!  Sooner or later, the things of the world we use to support our “Truth” and say, “This is who I am” will return to the nothingness from which they came and we will have no idea WHO WE ARE.

Let’s take a look at our lives and really see what we put all our faith in.  What are we depending on for our happiness?  “Oh, I hope that person likes me!” “Do you like me?”  Does this shirt I’m wearing look ok to YOU?”

What does it matter?  You can never REALLY know if they like you or not.  These are foolish thoughts.  Free yourself from them.  Return your mind to the eternal and restore your confidence with the LOVE of GOD.

We cannot fail at this.  We have all the Love we need to support ourselves.  This is the gift of God, AS ARE WE.  When we know our True identity, found in our spiritual bodies, we cannot be hurt or damaged in any way.

Know GOD by knowing yourself.

Know TRUTH by accepting your own.

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