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Dual Realities
by WPR

Most people expect to be treated kindly and fairly and with dignity and respect.  However, in reality, some people are unkind and unfair.  They don’t treat others with dignity and respect.  This produces two conflicting realities. One of how things should be and the other of how it really is.  As if this schizophrenic, bipolar world view weren’t bad enough, I’ve got even more bad news.  Neither reality is real.

The problem is that most people feel entitled to dignity and respect by divine ordinance or decree.  Yet, where is it written in the Holy Scriptures that one must treat a John Doe or Mary Sue Kindly or fairly.  Certainly there’s an inherent understanding that kindness and fairness are good and unfairness and rudeness are bad.  But some people behave badly regardless of how they are treated.

I’m responsible for treating others with dignity and respect.  I’m not responsible  for how others treat me.  I’m not kind and fair to others because I want others to be kind and fair to me.  I’m kind and fair because that is who I am.  The way of the world is “I’ll be good to you if you’re good to me.”  The problem is that life doesn’t always work like that.  You can be fair to others and others could treat you unfairly.

I made a decision a long time ago to treat others with dignity and respect.  Not so that others would treat me with dignity and respect but because I was dignified and respectful.  You can’t control how others treat you.  Let love, kindness and compassion be who you are.  An enlightened being doesn’t respond to unkindness with unkindness.  An enlightened being responds to unkindness with kindness.

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