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by AH

If you think I’m not great, will I not be?

If you think I have no value, will I never be envied?

If you see all that’s wrong with me, is that all I am?

If I lied in life once, will I lie once again?

Do you know all of me, if we talk for a while?

Do I gain your scowl, while others, your smile?

Is what you think of me, the final say in my own life?

Could I exist beyond your thought of what is wrong and what is right?

Am I the source, truly, of all your discontent?

Whatever I do, does it bring you disgust?

Is my life summed up by the time that we’ve spent?

And of all advices, it it yours I should trust

on how I should change, and be someone great?

Or maybe, it hurts just to see your own fate...

So, though you’re not great, you’ll settle to see

with delusions of thought that you’re better than me?

I guess that’s enough for you to live on.

The truth is abandoned, when right becomes wrong.


Prisoner Letters

Latest Issue: 92