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by BLT

I stand transfixed as I watch the Holy Father Pope Francis as he visits with the young school children holding their hands, smiling, laughing with them, and how his eye truly shine as they sing a special song for him, in his native tongue.

I then wonder how much more would the people have been in awe when Jesus came into their midst blessing them, smiling with them as he imparted parable and stories of a far more precious life once this one had come to an end.  An everlasting life beyond compare, in the presence of their Creator.  And I wonder at how it must have filled their hearts to overflowing with love, as mine is now.

And further, to ask what action one might take once filled with such wonderment and reverence; for surely such a powerfully emotional feeling must contain the strength necessary to have created things of a truly transcendent nature.

It is then that I realize that, in order for us to move forward, to accomplish miracles, if you would, that we first must tune-in to the amazing grace of God the Father, for truly it is He who moves in us that we might acquire the tools needed to bring about life-altering changes.  And He will, if we ask, make certain we are--in every way--equipped to bring about such miracles as would change lives for the better.


Prisoner Letters

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