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by ABE
South Carolina

Our faith must be tried and proven. How else would we know we had it?  Except it be tested, how could we tell?

Until we’ve been through the fire, through something hard to bear, something which forced us to dig down deep within ourselves and find that faith, how would we know what faith really is?

Those terrible tests of time, and of life itself will at some point try us, in order to resurrect our awareness of the inner self.  These are what spur us on toward our direct experience of the living truth of our BEING!  Therefore they are necessary as well as beneficial to us.  Whenever we see this, it motivates us, and gives us strength to endure what we could not otherwise endure.

Our confidence in ourselves is built in this manner, and we come to maturity.   The true test of our faith is more precious than diamonds and gold.  We become our own hero, and our own best friend.  “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him”,  is the hallmark of a mature son or daughter of GOD.  Their faith has been forged in the fire of Life, and now they see what they’re made of.  These are no longer fearful or anxious about anything, not even the polarities of “Life” and “Death”.

Genuine faith sees beyond both, into the absolute, into immortality.  Faith--not fear.

Prisoner Letters

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