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Let Go and Let God

by AE
South Carolina

Dear Janine,


I’ve had to lose things at times that I was very attached to, in order for an expansion of consciousness to occur.  I’ve been forced to let go of people, places, and things I felt I could not live without.  The agony of losing a wife and four children, home, and all earthly possessions, mother, father, and even my physical freedom, seemed absolutely unacceptable and unbearable to me.  I prayed to die.

But after I had suffered enough, I finally let go, and a great truth was revealed from within: this pain was unbearable only to the limited self of my outer ego;  my inner self is so much bigger than all of that, and is therefore unaffected by both pain and pleasure; transcending them both!

Deep inside us, there’s something so pure and perfect, so beautiful and powerful and blissful that outer things seem very dull in comparison!  Yet I would never have touched this inner reality had I not been deprived of my outer joys and pleasures!

Had I not lost everything external that I depended on, I would never have gone all the way inward to where God dwells!  I’d never have found that inner space of pure consciousness, the universal essence of all being.  Which is beyond all the polarities of good and bad, life and death, etc. Never!   My looking was outward.  I had to lose all the things I was attached to in order to motivate me to go inward!  And to continue going deeper to the core self which is one with all there is.  We rarely go deep enough.

In this consciousness of oneness, I feel things just as intensely as before; but without any sense of separation, there’s no more neediness and attachment.  It was my own attachments to those things that was causing my suffering, not the things themselves.

It was very difficult for me; but when I finally “Let go and Let God”, it liberated me and set me free.  My consciousness became expansive enough for me to actually embrace all of my many losses with love, and I remain in awe of this!   As you’ve said, “Win or lose, surrender!”.

I’ve found that whenever life takes something from me, externally, if I can simply let go of my attachment to it, this letting go allows my consciousness to expand into the awareness of universal love and oneness; and these inner treasures are mine to keep!  They are eternal gifts from the universe!

Let go and live in Love, in Bliss.

There is so much more

May you be blessed

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