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Lights, Camera, Re-Action

by TGY

I once heard a swami state “it’s a misconception that enlightened individuals never experience anger or frustration”.   Regardless of where we are on the path to self mastery, we still can find ourselves in moments of frustration and irritation.  The key is to acknowledge the un-serving emotion, then allow it to dissipate.  I do not solve my problems, I dissolve my problems and in so doing, do not judge myself for my moment of un-alignment from my Center.

Of course this is easier said than done.  In our youth we were exposed to adults reacting to unwanted experiences in a very negative fashion.  Little did we realize that this was also preconditioning us to react (re-act) in a similar manner ourselves.  So every time a situation arises that frustrates and angers us, we tend to re-act the same way, time after time.

It’s like a robot, push the red button and the robot reacts this way.  Push the blue button and it will react that way.  This scenario gives a totally new meaning to someone saying, “that person really knows show to push my buttons.”

Rather than being re-active, we can become pro-active.  we can purposely choose how we’ll respond to any unwanted experience.  I believe this  contrast exists for the “soul” purpose of remembering (re-membering) Who We Really Are.  Whenever I find myself frustrated in a given situation, I remind (re-mind) myself that this contrast that I’m experiencing is the Universe’s way of providing me the perfect opportunity to implement an optimistic response. this is what I would define as being response-able.

This current environment we’ve created for ourselves provides us ample opportunities to implement this idea.  As I begin to feel my old knee-jerk reactions kick in, I automatically start to smile just from the fact that I’m now aware enough of my thoughts that I manage to intercept the un-serving emotions.  I could have unconsciously allowed the negativity to overcome me, but instead allowed myself to reach for a higher emotion.  An emotion that’s more aligned with my Higher Self.

On the same token, it’s ok to feel anger or frustration from time to time.  Anger is a higher emotion than hopelessness.  I allow myself the moment of negativity to come and go as I aim to vibrate at a higher frequency.

I intend to implement this proactive idea into all aspects of my life in order to become more response-able.

Remember: You are Worthy

Best wishes to all

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