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Musings from Heaven

by HM

So, it is black, black as a thousand midnights down in a cypress swamp. I turn into my drive. I'm surrounded by tall darkened trees hiding in their own shadows. I exit my car and walk toward my mailbox, it's spooky. Spooky that is, until I look up, for far above the darkened earth the sky is a flood with stars. It's 9 PM and I'm returning home from a Wednesday night visit with old friends. Driving home alone many thoughts drifted, fluttered and sometimes sprinted through my mind. But now it's simply, "Get the mail". Then looking up, Orion stops me in my tracks. He stands spread across the sky directly on my meridian. Emotion sweeps over me. Overcome, I thank God to be alive. I stand, think, wonder. "And there shall belights in the sky and they shall be for signs..." And they are, for they in a nanosecond unleash a rush of emotion...feelings deep. They are mood makers, my mood makers...now, then and always. I stand below in awe yet without fear of conversation, and so we chat...I, in English I suppose, they in vibratory star language or some such thing. I say "suppose" since I issue no verbal sound and assume I muse in English, but perhaps it's really some form of celestial mind-music. Yes, it must be star song playing in my mind. That must be the language stars speak. The Bible tells of the stars singing. Gee, and that was long before radio-telescopes ever picked up their radio frequency transmissions. And so I stand, holding the U.S. Mail in a hand unattached to its arm or body...a disarticulated body whose mind has been wisped, at light speed, to the heavens. How does such a dislocated body remain standing? I, the mind, focus on Orion, the Hunter, my favorite sky guy. He protects Queen Cassiopeia with his club and bow. He is among the brightest stars in the sky, with Betelgeuse for a shoulder and Rigel for a foot. Asclepius lost his earthly realm when he tried to save Orion from a scorpion bite. Little wonder that we fear arachnids. At any rate, legend has it that the good earthly physician was placed in the sky as the Serpent Holder who now stands above Scorpion, far away from Orion, in our southern sky...Orion now protected far to the north. I too feel protected. Protected from the darkened forms surrounding me, a momentary escape from the vagaries of earth. Twinkle, twinkle great big guy now I wander in your sky. And so it is as I stand fixed on earth, transfixed in heaven. Tonight, if the time be right, join me in the constellations, hike with me among the Zodiacal creatures. Time travel...why not?


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