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Power of Purpose

by SB

In a world inundated with depression, contempt and judgement, it is often difficult for us to comprehend the natural order of love that is the basis for the universe’s ebb and flow.  Love is not a tool to barter, but a gift that is bestowed upon an individual or collective for no reason besides the ability to do so.

We have all been in situations that seem harsh or lonely but this, like any circumstance we encounter, is the result of our personal perceptions.  Looking for the silver lining in the cloud is not only a way to the feelings of seemingly inescapable gloom and despair, but is in all actuality the realization of the purpose of rain in the first place.

Rain brings life, washes away debris and replenishes sources of water in the physical realm in which we live.  Proverbial rain does the same when we begin to trust to processes of the cosmos, knowing that the path we are experiencing is one that is chosen and understanding that this process often requires  the “washing away” of “debris” we have acquired.

This debris is usually unproductive thoughts, actions or speech patterns that are contrary to the route we decide is the fullest potential of ourselves. The purpose of our existence if you will.

Instead of wallowing in the darkness that storm clouds bring, rejoice in the fact that the sun will shine again and, when it does, the flowers and seeds we have planted will flourish because of the precipitation .

In the trying times of our lives, it seems easy to just give up, lay down, and quite trudging along the road toward fulfillment.  It may seem that the Creator has put things in our way that we perceive as insurmountable.  That couldn’t be further from the truth!  Each “problem” we encounter is actually a blessing in a box.  We simply should choose to persevere in order to discover the purpose of our tribulations.

Life is cyclical, the “highs” contrasting the “lows”, the “good” contrasting the “bad”, but without “low” what is “high”?  Without “bad”, what is “good”?

It’s not easy to remember this when we are in the thick of things, but the more we allow our minds to reflect on these truths, the more readily they will be available to use in times of need.

Continue to pursue your truest desires and goals with a desperation that is based on the knowledge of your Ultimate Self.  Knowing you are a piece of the “whole” will propel you toward making the contribution of your conscious choice, aware of the created power you have been allotted with in regards to your journey.  Trust your instinct as well as the feelings and “inklings” you perceive deep within your being.

Don’t be discouraged or dismayed by the hurdles in front of you, because they are actually stepping stones to success, so use them as such!

Love each step of the journey, and its purpose will grow in clarity and conciseness.

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