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  Question One-Answer Eight

by HJ
North Carolina

First, I won’t assume to know how 6.9 billion people haven’t been able to get anything; however, I can make reference to how I’ve, singularly, been able to experience things such as peace, security, love, etc. at different times.  For example, when I’ve chosen to identify certain people as an integral part of myself and later, chose to accept and appreciate them by being with tem and listening, whole-heartedly to their interest and empathetically participating in helping them accomplish something in that regard, I experienced love. 

I believe that wanting experiences such as happiness, security, etc.  Occurs after a person has chosen to initiate or participate in the type of activities, with other people, that result in the feeling of BEing happy, secure, etc.  […] 

In short, we are served when we choose to give to others the type of experiences we want for ourselves.  Participating in these types of choices with others is a source of my Freedom Inside.


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