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  Question One-Answer Four

by HM

Peace, security, happiness, and love are non-existent in the world we perceive.  These are inherent qualities of the perceiver of the world, the witness consciousness, who we really are.  The problem is that our identity has been lost for so long (in human’s time) in the objects of perception (thoughts, things and situations) that we have forgotten how it feels to be who we really are.  It seems that we need to learn to be who we are in reality.  Spiritual paths arise from this need. And this is salvation.  Not being who we really are is the only sin there is.  Humanity needs to start the process of self-observation now, as a mass event, everywhere.  A Hindu sage said, “The witness of the mind is God”. Don’t take these words lightly.  Let them penetrate you as offenses do.  Let’s be who we really are and opportunity and prosperity will be added onto us.


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