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  Question One-Answer Nine
by RI

At a recent Buddhist gathering, the first of Neale’s seven basic questions was posed.

Over the next few days the meaning of those words slowly dawned on me along with yet another awareness of my own life; if we have peace, happiness, love and joy, then we create more of each.  If we do not have them but want them, then we create more want. Huh!  I walk around within a US penitentiary and live here as a “guest” of the federal government, yet in doing so I have given myself more freedom than I can remember ever having before in my life.  Frankly, within these walls I have found so much freedom that I do not share much of it, and certainly not all of it, with many people.  Sadly, as would be expected, people in here on both sides of the bars feel restrictions and confinement.  And or course, I do feel some of that when I need a learning boost now and again, but I see the beauty of it, rather quickly anymore, instead of making it a burden and a deterrent.

My gang just chimed in again with a beautiful catch-phrase they gave me quite some time ago, “Life is an inside job”.  I like to add the post script, “Totally”.  “Life is totally an inside job”.  The only frustration I encounter with verbalizing this gem in conversation is that, for most of the folks in here (again on both sides of the bars) they too often want life to be a bitch so that then they die. (My gang just chimed in again, with their humor, as they usually do when I mention death and dying, “Not possible!”). So I guess for some folks, life’s a bitch and then you get to learn it again...and again...and again..and...until we do.  :-)

And life is beautiful all over again...and again...and again...and...life is definitely an E-ride; maximum thrills and excitement, even when it’s not.



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