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  Question Two-Answer One
by MB

I feel there is something about life, the understanding of which would change everything.

I am not this body.  For I am a spiritual being on a physical journey for the purpose of spiritual evolution.  God is experiencing life through me and all of us and all of that which is around us.  The universe is his playground and we are beings among it for him to experienced that and evolve together.

That’s it!  I could go on for days and days, pages and pages about all of the little things about life and how our interaction affects and is affected by it.  But that would take a lifetime and I am sure my view would change from time to time as my experience would affect my new perceptions.  The world and our part in it is what we perceive it to be at that moment in time that we perceive it.  There is no right or wrong in life, there is only what woks or doesn’t work.  My truth will be different from others’ based on my experience and how I perceive that experience to be.

I have been around since the beginning and I will be around for eternity as there is no end of that which is life.  There is only change and all change is good.  You may just not see it in that moment.  Love life and it will love you back.  For that is all you are and will ever be.


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