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  Question Two-Answer Three
by HJ

I thought, initially, that it would be pretty hard responding the Question Two of the Conversations with Humanity.  I almost started to not respond to it, but then I thought that it’s kind of like that in our so-called civilization i.e. people neglecting their own responsibility to the collective.  With people sharing their views, their understanding against a background of some other’s view and understanding, the outcome will be an understanding or view that encompasses all. 

[So here is my answer to Question Two]

Yes, there is a possibility that there are many things that I do not fully understand about God and Life—the understanding of which would change everything.

First, God to me, is the Source of all the “is” and “is not”.

My understanding of God is mostly derived from other people’s interpretations—where their impressions are written in sacred books, stories, mythologies, allegories, parables, and/or speech conversations.

Perhaps what’s most significant about these people’s interpretations of God is the fact that whether their impressions were derived from inspirations from the Source (God), or insight, or wisdom from accumulated and expanded awareness, their interpretations are still limited and biased—either by their beliefs or philosophies and their languages.”

Nevertheless, I’ve still come to accept and appreciate the breadth and depth of those impressions of God in my experiences.  Unfortunately, as beautiful as those experiences are, it has also been my experience that for the last four decades of my life, each decade of discovering other beliefs and philosophies of God and Life, and of responding to other people through those impressions, I have gathered more understanding of what God and an ideal life could possibly consist of.  Thus, it is apparent that there is so much more for me to come to understand about God and Life as my understanding so far has already made gradual positive differences in my life.  Anticipating a continuous ascension of my BEing—due to further understanding—is an additional source of my freedom inside.


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