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Rejecting Frustration

by JHW

Today, I am not going to be frustrated.

I am not going to entertain frustrated thoughts.  If I have to address any problems--and there is a strong likelihood that I will--I shall address them in a mature, thoughtful, systematic manner, mindful that God’s peace and help are available at all times.

I am not going to be frustrated by circumstances.  Every circumstance--whether desirable or undesirable---is an opportunity to love, learn, and grow.  If there were never any trying circumstances, what would be the point in living?  It is through resistance training that our muscles grow.  This same principle applies to the mind and spirit.  Moreover, I understand desirable circumstances by their contrast with undesirable circumstances.  Without the bad, I would not know the good.  Without the hard, I would not know the easy.  that doesn’t mean I prefer bad or hard to easy, only that I am not going to be frustrated regardless of how things are.

I am not going to be frustrated by family, foreigner, friend or foe.  I am responsible for myself; other people are not responsible for my actions.  I am responsible for my own mind; other people cannot think my thoughts.  While I would like the world to comply with all my wishes and desires, the truth is that all people have the right to be who they are.   My job is to be a positive, caring influence in the world.  What would happen if I gave up doing good works every time somebody with a mindset of fear, negativity, or anger came along?   I would not get anything good accomplished.

I am not going to use my mouth to spread frustration.  I am purposed to set a watch on my lips.  I fully intend that harmful, ugly, vulgar, and angry...things will not be expressed through me.  If words were seeds planted in the ground--each having potential to sprout, grow, and bear fruit--the words of frustration would certainly bring about ugly, poisonous fruit that only bring injury.  Therefore, I will heed to my words before they are spoken.

I am not going to let frustration prevent me from doing good things.  One thing I’ve learned is that, no matter what you do, there is opposition, and when you’re making a difference for the better, you often encounter even more opposition.  The saying goes, “No good deed goes unpunished,” but this does not convey the rest of the story.  You see, when you overcome resistance and obstacles, you get breakthroughs, and breakthroughs change lives and circumstances.

Frustration is the archenemy to proactive, positive performance.  While it is true that good can sometimescome out of a bad situation, I find it more likely that good comes out of a mind focused on doing good things.

I am not going to let frustration prevent me from smiling and laughing.  For far too many years, I have let the frustrated thinking and speaking of other people take root in my mind, and this has had a negative effect in my life.  I didn’t consider that I should think my own thoughts would be as dead as a greedy politician’s conscience.  Today, I choose joy.  Today, I choose to smile and laugh  Moreover, today I choose to share joy, smiles, and laughter.

I am not going to get frustrated when others let me down or fail to meet my expectations.   Often, others can tell you one thing and then do something else entirely. Those you count on the most can often fail you, and your spirit can mourn with disappointment.  However, I will not let failure and disappointment lead to frustrated thinking, frustrated speaking, or frustrated acting, because I do not want to let one disappointment proliferate into a multitude of disappointments, and that is exactly what will happen if I respond to disappointment with frustration.

I am not going to let my past failures frustrate me today.

Winners look at what they’re going to; Losers look at what they’re going through.

Losers are frustrated.  I am not a loser.

Not anymore. I am free of frustration.

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