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To Be Or Not To Be
by RB

God’s question is:

“What, who do you choose to BE now?”

Everybody has God’s power to choose who or what you want, or “command” to BE yourself in all the different aspects of yourself of which you are aware and become aware.  These choices are often between differences with multiple degrees between them: such as happy and sad; nice and mean; helpful and not helpful; loving and not loving, etc.

As Janine wrote in issue 82, your whole history contributes to your “belief system,” including doubts, conflicts, likes, dislikes, what is good or bad, what is nice or not nice, etc.

When you make a decision to BE different, it is valuable to realize that your beliefs are NOT “absolutes,” but choices you absorbed from the groups with which you have been associated and your life experiences, as well as the choices of how important each particular belief “is” to member of the group and you.

The article by Lanny T. in issue 82

discusses his belief that if someone asks him “how he is,” that he has to “be honest,” he must tell the “whole” book as an answer.  He believes that it is bad to lie.  As he discovered, the whole book is not necessary, just a short statement like he stated at the end of his discussion that does not overwhelm the other person or expect the other person to be his therapist.

Another choice is to utilize God’s power that is within you to change your belief system about those issues you now interpret as “problems.” Instead, you can now choose to see these issues as opportunities to learn or temporarily be inconvenienced to utilize and use a lesson from God to learn something new or different.  This includes several changes in your belief system to realize that

(1) the belief system can be changed; (2) we create our life events; and

(3) God provides us with many opportunities to get and learn how to live and make choices in a more healthy way.

Unfortunately, it takes effort to modify the beliefs that relate to the importance and viewpoint you have chosen to place on each issue.

God has given you the power to make these changes if you choose to do the work to change or modify the belief system that leads to unnecessary problems.  God has facilitated my making many of these changes.

For me, a valuable change I made to my belief system is to view ALL situations as learning opportunities and to feel good within myself and act pleasantly toward others all the time.  Thus, what used to be a problem is now an eager opportunity to learn something new and exciting.  I also gain a different way to react to events and situations which usually gets me more positive situations in life, even though I am in prison.

Being in prison may appear to make this difficult, but many more outcomes have been positive ones, and for me, almost zero upsets.

Not only are problems opportunities to learn something new and exciting, they are also simply “truths” about opposites.  The truths of opposites being that they don’t exist except in the space of each other.  For example, hot doesn’t exist except in the space of cold.  God explains this as the law of opposites.  With this understanding you will be able to see that an encounter with a “problem” can be an opportunity brought your way by the “Law of Opposites.”  This can help you move toward who you choose to BE.

In consideration of all the variances in governments, religions and cultures, I have found it beneficial to follow God’s recommendations to evaluate our beliefs, be aware of the law of opposites and the other ideas God has given us in the book Conversations with God (CwG).  I have found it best to evaluate things as being different, not as being good or bad, moral or immoral, just different.

A question used next is, “Will this change work well for me at this time?”  Then evaluate if there is anything in this situation that might be useful or beneficial for you now or in the future to increase your BEing.

In CwG, God discusses that there are differences in our world.  Further, that God does NOT judge any of these differences.  Therefore, a valuable way to evaluate the world is that things are composed of differences, many of which do not jive well with each other.  This gives each of us a lot of choices to consider, some positive and some negative for us.

Several writers in Issue 82 discuss fighting a battle or preparing to fight battles.  The only battle for me has been  the work to modify my belief system.  Once this is done, there are no battles.  For most people, the belief system is strong with many demands or almost demands.  These strong negative beliefs take a lot of effort for most people to be able to modify, ease-up, or let go of.  God continually sends us messages, many times we miss them, God does not get discouraged, just keeps sending messages in many different ways.

Remember, God does not judge.  God evaluates and sends messages that can be beneficial for us if we listen and use them.  God will let us know that we are not going in the direction we stated we desired to go, as with Neale’s example about heading to Seattle when he wanted to go to Los Angeles.  Then the choice is still Neale’s to change direction or continue on to Seattle.

God gives us information and advice, but never orders us to comply.  God gave us “Full Free Will.’  God makes this clear in CwG.   Unlike the instructions in most religions, no one has to earn their way to heaven.  All goes back to God, because “ALL IS PART OF GOD.”


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