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To Understand is to See
the Mirror Within Ourselves

by AVH

How is it that we as human beings continue, day after day, year after year, to judge, expect and think unrealistically?

I believe that we must learn to lead our thoughts in a direction that supports where our conscious minds believe is the correct direction for ourselves, instead of compartmentalizing our values (which to me, is really denying them).  We must live them in full, unaltered by our (compartmentalized) ideas of what is right or wrong, or change our way of thinking to adopt some values which we can be successful in wholly applying.

The dilemma this brings into being now, is the suggestion that “I don’t value what society has accepted as right, wrong, good or bad, helpful or hurtful, etc.”  which is clearly an accurate depiction of what it is to be clinically anti-social, or a menace to society.  But by no means is the above mentioned perception truly presented here, but it is the knowing that one cannot productively function within the infrastructure of a “matrix” (for lack of a better word), with that act of being truthful to others or allowing oneself to be genuinely observed and understood by others without revealing to them that “I am against all that you hold as who you are (or we are), how you think, live, or what is important in life to you all as a complete society of the world”.

Now, the question is this: How does one convince others to accept what is brought to them as water to drink, if I have just revealed that I have a completely different idea about what water itself is?

Common sense tells us that if one wants to be oneself around others for the purpose of personal comfort and reduction or our own body’s tendency to ever-react to stressful situations--and it has been scientifically proven time and time again, that stress affects our health more than the tar taken into our lungs from cigarettes--one would need to be open, honest and authentic around those others.

To do otherwise would lead to the act of deception--which we take too lightly-- and may even be against what we ourselves believe to be honesty and authenticity.

To deceive them consciously could lead to their consumption of such whatever waters one may bring.  But then, how can one justify judgment or criticism of those entities meant to control our masses if one is prepared to use the same methods?...

Such a person would be a hypocrite if they spoke against the current powers that be, when in actuality the only true crime is that “he/she” is not the power that be.

Now, a simple quest to discover the truth of one’s own values lead to a lesson of philosophical proportion, ending in so many open-ended lanes that, the choice once again strikes me as clear that it is only what works for you that matters...and what will be seen by others, is not the long arduous road travelled in a sort-of parallel circumference but the cues associated with those “blind ones” who were assimilated thoughtlessly into ‘that thing” and it will be the geniuses who will miss this fact most of all, for little did they know that they had been themselves assimilated.

Many generations ago,..I invite all rebuttals or argument about what is presented here.

Opinion is forever subject to change.

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