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Level 4-Night-Stabilize
Level 5-Day-Empower
by Christine Hunter-Robertson

              "If you bring forth what is within you,
                  What is within you will save you."    
                       Jeshua- Gospel of Thomas 

Did you feel it? The second night blowing in. (May 2nd to May 19th) I did. I know others that did too. They may have been unaware of what was going on but their ego minds felt it, and the ego tried to bring in the fear of self doubt and discomfort, ego was kicking and screaming. We are moving through each level and it is all happening very fast and we need to be aware and diligent. I did not sleep well during the entry phase of this level, the energy is very tangible to me, perhaps it is to you too. There is a lot going on so it helps to have this information to validate the process and also to prepare so you can better ride the energy waves.

The night brings darkness and to some that is a fearful time. It is also a growing time. In the dark of the soil, the beautiful earth brings life. There is growth out of darkness, it is a time of gestation, the dark of the womb, the time before birth when the miracle of life works its magic. In the darkness of the caterpillars cocoon we can see the process of true transformation when natures miracle rises out of the dark, the butterfly. There is such a struggle to emerge and when the caterpillar has transformed the creature that emerges is light, beautiful, colorful and can fly! What a wonderful message for humanity, a reminder that we can fly, to greater heights of consciousness. We too are in the phase of gestation, of growth in this wave of love and light. We can only see the illusion and cannot often comprehend the truth of who we are. I am reminded also of a teaching by Kryon, (Parables of Kryon) about the caterpillar and the butterfly, the caterpillar does not believe that it is possible to transform and be 'up there' with the other beautiful butterflies, the caterpillar cannot comprehend it ......... how many humans can comprehend their true state, Divine Beings of pure love and light. We have become lost in the darkness and our own illusions. We create fear, pain, despair in which we feel trapped. Kryon shares with us that even in the darkness, in experience of great difficulty, sadness, pain grief or despair there is a beautiful gift, it is packed with love, Fear is: "A test by agreement with your Higher Self....it exists not as a dark thing, but as an agreed upon attribute for your life's work. It drives you to learn and grow. This love lesson in disguise is asking you to solve it and on the other side of it there is peace and there is joy." the fearful experience is packed with love and is there purely for our souls growth and healing. It is like the cocoon, we struggle and try to force our way through, it feels like a battle but when we step back and observe there is a grander overview that is possible to see. It is a way to transform ourselves, the way is through and we cannot bypass the gestational phase of the cocoon. So hold fast, focus on your goals, a grander loving more joyful you with the purest brightest colors imaginable, with wings to take you high, flying free. As Albert Einstein said: 'You cannot solve a problem from the level of consciousness that created it.' We have to move beyond our shadows, and when we face fear it disappears.

As we move out of the night into day the rush of light can also be hard to deal with because the light will highlight our shadow, all that which needs healing. On May 20th we moved into the energy of the day. This was to aid us in taking back our power, to be empowered, and to align with our creative Divine Self.

What is it to empower ourselves? To activate the Divine within us and to step forward without hesitation or fear in spite of the outside circumstances. Within each of us is the truth that we are Divine co-creators. We have buried this truth under our belief systems, patterns and shadow and have forgotten who we really are. Waking up is what we are up to, finding our own truth and letting it be the guiding force for creating our lives.

As I undergo these changes and feel deeper connection, more peace and more joy in my life, I am also required to acknowledge who I am. I am not the woman I thought myself to be. I am uncovering greater depths in every moment and I might add that it causes anxiety, confusion and fear. As each old belief surfaces for healing and clearing I have to feel it to look at it and move through it. I might question whether I can step into this empowered Divine Feminine space but then again I am it, it is me, how can I not be it? It means taking responsibility for my thoughts, actions, behaviors, all of it......breathe.....and then surrender.......letting go of the ways in which I think this should unfold. I am developing and using my own inner guidance, it has always been there it just seems louder, hmm? maybe I am more tuned in to listen? I am remembering and re-birthing, as is the Earth.

When examining our relationship to power we have been confused about many things, here is a guide to becoming empowered to be more powerful, adapted from Gershon and Straub (1989). The 'Seven Sources of Power' that help sustain personal growth over time:

-Commitment and Willingness

    This involves deep passion for one's own truth and the willingness to flow through the resistance and blocks which prevent its coming    to bear fruit.


   This involves daily dedication, and moment to moment discernment. This is part of the foundation, the willingness to walk the talk and the dedication to follow it through.

- Inner Guidance.

   Tapping into the wisdom of our core, the heart wisdom that flows from our Higher Self. Trusting intuition, our first sense, and acting on that guidance. Trust, trust, trust.


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- Lightness.

     Shedding the heaviness of limiting beliefs and emotional baggage, healing shadow. Keeping one's Spirit light, making one's   enlightenment an exciting adventure. Riding the Wave.


     Loving and being loved, the primary relationship being with one's own Divine Self.

-Support System.

     What is your support system? Are there people around you or resources you can tap into that support your growth and can also give loving honest feedback.

When these aspects of our Divine Being are in alignment we co-create in joyous and magnificent ways. The creative force can flow through as pure inspiration. This can be manifested in any number of ways such as through art, writing, making something. Through work, not as a 'should' or a means to an end with the weight of attachment or expectation, finding the centered place of presence in all we do so that it is a joy. The creative flow can then pour through our 'Beingness' - being a certain way - having a sense of humor, light to be around, insightful, being in the moment. It is a beautiful dance between you and the Universal Divine flow, and it is wondrous. Synchronicity abounds and inspiration occurs when we are balanced and come from a place of personal power or Divine power.

When we look outside of ourselves to relationships, seeking out others approval, needing people to look up to us, needing to be attractive or fit in. This type of power cannot sustain us and is disempowering.

The following questions might help you to examine your relationship to power.

How strong is your need for approval from others?

How do you distort the truth?

How much do you blame others?

How easily do you admit your mistakes?

How critical or judgmental of others are you? And of yourself?

How easily do you let things go - or allow yourself to surrender?

How much do you respect yourself?

How much do you enjoy taking responsibility? Fear taking responsibility? Resent others failures to take responsibility?

What are you willing to do to change your life?

In what ways and in what situations do you not feel powerful?

What allows you to feel Divinely powerful in your life?  (true to Self, creative, inspired, joyous, alive and full of energy to give to self and others)

As we move into the level of the third night 'Create Flow'( June 7th- June 24th) expect to be stripped to the core, this is when you will feel most challenged, most confronted, there will be conflict showing up for you to resolve. (Remember the gift and breathe it through!! Remember to take responsibility) You have the ability to respond, so stand in the center of your Beingness. We may see failed systems collapsing in our world, but trust we will receive something better, the waves are high so jump in and trust, trust, trust!!! If something will not shift or move,it requires the wave of energy to be powerful to clear it away. Humanity requires some pretty big waves!! I am certain that as we all ride forward on this Unity Wave of Love to heightened consciousness, growing in awareness, love and joy that there will be many occasions of uncertainty and doubt. Always come back to 'center', to go within and seek inner guidance. Ask for help and allow inspiration to flow, it can come from many sources. An article you read! An overheard conversation or comment. A song on the radio. Even a confrontation. Most of all it is from the allowing of Divine Intelligence within you - the greatest power of all - to flow through.

From my heart to your heart, take what you need and pass it on.

Love and Light