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March 9, 2011:
Dawn of the Unity Wave

by Christine Hunter-Robertson

Many people are aware of the purported 'end of time; the end of the Mayan calendar'. Not many people however are aware of its true meaning as it is shrouded with doom and gloom and end of the world prophecies. The Ancient Maya left us an amazing account of the nature of Universal energy which can be mapped out according to their records and actual historical events. They were trying to share with us the true nature of this incredible time.

Mayan calendar scholar and scientist Carl Johan Calleman has studied the ancient inscriptions for over thirty years and documented the various shifts that humanity has been going through. For the past 5000 years humanity has lived through 8 of the 9 waves of consciousness as explained by the Maya. Nine waves or nine steps represent the nine levels of evolution the Universe undergoes on its climb to its highest state of consciousness.

As of March 9th 2011, the ninth and highest wave of energy will be activated. It is in full force and will complete by October 28th 2011.  According to Calleman and others (sources given at the end of this article) this wave provides an opportunity for humanity to co-create unity consciousness. This is the purpose of the ninth wave to bring us to the pinnacle of our Beingness. This requires a major shift in consciousness and an opening to the Divine Feminine which moves us towards a deeper understanding of our own creative force, the feminine principle is creativity and is humanity’s way forward coming into balance with the Divine masculine into Unity.

Up to now the 8 previous waves have been manifestations of duality and we have explored all aspects of the darkness: separation and fear, the opposites of unity and love. Now it is time to turn towards the light.

When we turn towards love and light we are faced with truth; truth about ourselves, about our world, about our belief systems. Nothing can remain hidden when there is light shining upon it. We are called upon to face our greatest fears, to heal our deepest darkest shadows, so that we can receive and be open to this wonderful wave of light and love from Source.

What will the wave feel like?

The 9th wave includes 18-day periods that are designed to lead the universe and humanity to its highest state of consciousness. Each rhythm is broken up with 9 days of increasing intensity until it descends for another 9 days. (9+9=18) The first level beginning March 9th is: Initiation, it is sowing the seed, so pay attention to your thoughts!! What do you want to intend? Do not let your past learning (the mind) guide you now, follow the heart’s wisdom, ask, "What would love do now?" You are sowing the seed for all humanity; do you have the discipline to monitor your thoughts for 18 days? We are co-creating here.

The potential at this time is to open up and be our true Divine Selves. Have you been feeling this energy already as it begins to stream into the planet? Feelings of fear, anxiety, sadness and pain? Look to the emotions demanding to be expressed as each aspect of pain, grief, anguish or hate is exposed by the light. NOTHING can remain hidden in this energy, we can ignore, deny or turn away but it will still be there highlighting our shadow side. The mind clings to the old, to what it believes in.  As fear comes up love it, embrace it, trust and allow the flow to take you where you need to go to release and heal the emotions - the shadow.

How can I do this you may ask, what does it mean to clear my shadow?

The shadow self is the accumulation of all fears.  There are many natural processes you can engage in to assist you at this time.

Here are some steps to help you.


1. Willingness and intention.  All you need is 50%.  Spirit, God, the Angelic kingdom, any you are comfortable with will help with the rest. So ask for help!

2. Notice the emotional state (this fuels your thought process)

APATHY: despair, disillusioned, negative, unfeeling, depressed, defeated.

GRIEF: betrayed, loss, melancholy, remorse, sadness, wounded, why me?

FEAR: anxious, dread, embarrassed, skeptical.

LUST: exploitive, greedy, hoarding, manipulative, never enough.

ANGER: aggression, defiance, rude, vengeful, violent.

PRIDE: judgmental, critical, unforgiving, unfeeling, conceited.

There are many other words to describe emotional states but these may help.

Your signpost is the emotion - Where is the fear? - What am I afraid of?


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3. Notice your thoughts. Some form of pattern will emerge. Check it, allow it to exist but breathe through it. Then the mind and heart can link. Breathe...."Aah I have a pattern of feeling hurt and wounded."

4. Sit with it and breathe, dive into the feeling, embrace it knowing it is here for healing, coming up to conscious awareness for release. When you allow it its full expression it releases.

(Give it movement - breathe, breathe, breathe)

Learn to love your fear, fear cannot exist with love, see it for what it is; you may see the child within you, a memory replaying over and over again, scared, hurt, in pain.

There is a short powerful prayer that I find invaluable and helps me to move from a negative thought to a calm space when I am in a situation where I cannot take time to go through a full release.

Breathe in Love.  Breathe out Trust.  Breathe in Joy.  Breathe out Compassion.

Any order is just fine!

All around the planet people are waking up, light workers everywhere doing their own spiritual work.

This is an incredibly exciting adventure for all of us, it does not mean that it is easy but the potential is so wonderful, I for one am ready to ride the wave! Set your intention for the Highest good of all. Let us bring in and co-create harmony, peace, unity, love. Take the first step of responsibility for yourself, honor the masculine and feminine within.

"The new consciousness generated by the 9th wave is something very special and significant. The 9th wave brings a shift to Unity Consciousness where the human mind no longer will be dominated by any dark filter. We will be transparent, seeing reality the way it is, and transcending all separation.

This is what we have been waiting for, seeing the unity of all things.......The wave will cap off all previous evolution and bridge the new world that will follow the end of the calendar.

 However, a large scale consciousness shift cannot happen against human will. Especially at the highest levels of evolution, such as the 9th, it can only happen through human beings who choose to serve as co-creators. If we make the commitment, we can co-create unity consciousness with the 9th wave."

Carl Johan Calleman

 There is a great deal more information available about the wave and the 13 levels, each carrying a particular vibratory intention and impact that can affect us as we ride to Higher Consciousness.

Stay tuned as we bring you information each month through this time with guidance to assist you as we all ride this wave together.

Next month: Level 2 creates a reaction, a time to integrate the new way, to apply love and light.

 In Love and Light


For those who have access here are some other sources.


The Return of the Feminine by Rebecca Smith Orleane
The Wave of Love, a movie: 
Unity - A New Dawn by Sean Alan Caulfield.  www.oursacreduniverse.co.za