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Suggested Reading for Prisoners

by Joe Wolfe

The list of books below are some of the most profoundly helpful and the ones I would highly suggest for your library. You can request them from me, and if it's within my power, I'll send one or more to you, free of charge.

I could use your help. Save this list and send it to friends or family. I've included the internet links for them to access each particular title..

(1)  A Course in Miracles

(2) The End of Reincarnation with The Five Signs, by Joe Wolfe, Gary Renard and Carrie Triffet                              http://TheFiveSigns.com

(3)  Conversations With God, by Neale Donald Walsch

(4) The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of The New Testament by Regina Dawn Akers

(5)   A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

(6)   A Parenthesis In Eternity, by Joel Goldsmith

(7)  The Disappearance of The Universe, by Gary R. Renard

(8) Long Time No See, by Carrie Triffet

(9)  Books by Dr.Jon Mundy

(10)  Books by Beverly Hutchison

(11) Books by Robert Perry

(12) Books by David Hoffmeister

(13) Books by Ken Wapnick

(14)  A Mystic's Message by Joe Wolfe

(15) Letter To A Prisoner, by Joe Wolfe

(16) Prayer For All Solutions




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Books for Prisoners

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