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The Footsteps of Angels

by Lanny D


Though we may not realize it, we’ve all heard the footsteps of angels.  Their delightful patter can be heard in the daily lives of each and every one of us.  All we have to do is listen.

The footsteps of angels can be heard in everything from an infant crying to the lullaby sung by his loving mother.  They can be heard in the roar of cheering fans in a crowded sports stadium.  They can be heard in the rapid beating of a heart in love, the blaring of a horn in heavy traffic, or in the rustle of leaves as the wind blows through a forest full of trees.

And like many footsteps, those of angels leave their prints behind.  We see them everyday in such forms as the smile on a proud parent’s face at a graduation ceremony, a newlywed couple leaving he church in a hail of rice, the advances in medicine and technology, and the wag of a dog’s tail when its owner walks through the door at the end of the day.  Those prints are present in the way we think, feel, love, speak to, and treat one another.  In lessons learned and taught, examples set and followed, and fears faced and conquered.

Those footsteps and the prints they leave behind help the very souls we inhabit to better guide us through this beautiful journey.  They are the Universe speaking to us, and the Universe knows that if it speaks to us using words we understand, we’ll hear it, but when it speaks with us, using works we use, we listen to it.

Love, Peace, and Joy

From The Soul

Latest Issue: 92